Nordbord Hamstring Test Sistemi

The NordBord (patent pending) is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance

Measure hamstring strength and imbalance during the Nordic Hamstring Exercise.

Quick and easy setup

Option to test eccentric or isometric hamstring strength

Run a test in under 1 minute. Test a squad in under an hour.

View data in real time on ScoreBord


Compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS, ScoreBord is the control centre for the NordBord.

Stream data from the NordBord in real time

Real time analytics: number of reps, maximum and average force/torque

Provide immediate, quantitative feedback to athletes with live graphing

Upload results to player profiles in DashBord

Monitor trends at a glance: Rolling average, personal best, baseline and target scores

  • NordBord Hamstring Testing System